Uncle Mike's- June 4th, 2010

So Sean Madden and I arrive at Uncle Mike's at about 7 pm for the 7:45 gig. Alecia is with us, looking very pregnant and very beautiful. Alecia engages some friends in conversation, and Sean and I start setting up the gear with Charlie. Charlie is the sound guy. He's the one who sets up the stage, plugs the gear in, adjusts the monitors, and turns up the volume. He's a nice guy. We don't have a lot of gear, just a couple DI's, a pedal tuner, and Sean's harmonicas. It takes all of 3 minutes. Sean and I then mingle with some friends and have a beer or two. After a few minutes, we are informed that we would start a little late, as the 10:00 pm band cancelled, and we would have to play a little longer to help fill the time. Sean and I, professionals that we are, are always prepared to play a few extra songs, just in case. We call the extra songs "The Vault." Sometimes when we have to play longer, we just reach into the vault, and we can stretch a set for 20 minutes or so. No problem. We're feeling good and ready to go. We get the OK from Charlie to start playing around 8:15...fashionably late for a folk/rock gig. We lead off with the "Apology Song" and "Leaving Boston," then slow it down a bit with "x-ray Vision Eyes" and "Second Sight." The crowd is engaged and the local drunks seem pretty into the music too. We're selling a bit of merch too, and we're having a pretty good set. We've been told to play a bit longer, so we fill some time with a little light banter (Sean is a master of light banter) and reach into the vault. Time goes by as time will do, and I check my watch and see its about 9:10. We've been going for almost an hour, so I ask Charlie on the sound board how we're doing on time. He walks over to Sean and I on stage and informs us that the band scheduled to play immediately after us has also cancelled, and we need to keep going. "You guys sound great. Just keep going." says Charlie. "What?" is our reply in disbelief. "Just keep playing as long as you can." "OK," we reply. Sean and I look at each other with that deer in the headlights look. We've already reached into the vault and we were pretty much out of stuff that we could comfortably perform well. I see a drop of sweat drip from Sean's head. I ask Sean if he knows "Be Good" from the CD. He says he can do it, so we punch that out, along with Sean's "I Won't Be Afraid" and "Stepping Stone" by The Monkees. (The Monkees??? What the hell, we're going deep into the vault.) We play a couple more, and I think we finish with "Dull" and pack it in. Overall, we had a great time, made a few bucks from merch and the door (all dontated to The Children's Glaucoma Foundation), and played a pretty good set. Thanks to everyone who made it out to Uncle Mike's. We appreciate the support. We've been invited back again sometime, so keep your eyes peeled.